Selected Portfolio
San Silvan - Samba
Recording (2023)
Last year, I spent a week recording San Silvan's first EP, produced by Sophie Hunger. It was a pretty challenging project as I had to experiment with microphone techniques in a very tiny room, to capture the incredible sounds of Julian Sartorius on drums, Alexis Anérilles on keys, and Silvan Kunz's impressive fingerstyle guitar playing.

Mixed by Jo Francken. Mastered by Christian Wright at Abbey Road.
Out now on Two Gentlemen!
Kalpetrane - Can't Seem To Keep Up With You
Recording - Producing - Mixing (2023)
Can't Seem To Keep Up With You is the first track from Kalpetrane's upcoming EP. I'm excited to be working with them on their new songs, as we share a common taste for groovy, retro-infused indie music. We have recorded the foundations of the song live at the Studio de la Fonderie. 

Mastered at Echochamber by Dan Suter.
Marzella - Ooh La
Mixing (2023)
I had the pleasure of mixing this indie banger by Marzella, which was produced by the artists themselves and Loric Mathez. I also mixed the whole album ! 

Mastered by Dan Suter.
Monument - Prism
Recording - Mixing (2023)
I've recorded the contemplative yet epic 'Abyss' album at the Studio de la Fonderie and also had the opportunity to mix a few songs of this opus, such as the track "'Prism' .

Out now on Hummus Records!
Gjon's Tears - Babi
Mixing (2023)
Pop sensation Gjon's Tears has just released his new album 'The Game,' which features the song 'Babi' produced by my colleague and friend Sacha Ruffieux at the Studio de la Fonderie, and that I mixed during La Gustav's recording sessions. 

Out now on Jo&Co!
Shuttle - Daydreamin' (EP)
Writing - Producing - Mixing (2023)
This is my latest project - a solo venture that showcases my love of synthesizers and a penchant for kitsch. Out now on Balagan Music / Wagram! 

Mastered by Dan Suter.
Adrian Sieber - Unglued (Album)
Producing - Mixing (2022)
It was love at first synth! I am so grateful for this album with Adrian - it's a no-compromise 80's record.

Mastered by Dan Suter.
WOODI - On peut le faire (EP)
Mixing - Mastering (2022)
Organic and beautiful fusion of smooth jazz, hip hop, and soul music, complete with goosebump-inducing synth patches by Daniel Hernandez and poetic flow by Margie Clément.
Waldskin - The Shore
Mixing (2021)
Waldskin, powerful and surgically precise production through the combined talents of Maryam Hammad, Aurèle Louis, and Nathan Gros.

Mastered by Dan Suter.
Miston - Ça ira mieux demain (EP)
Mixing - Mastering (2020)
Mixing Miston's super DIY psych-pop was an absolute delight - I loved every moment of it!
Soften - See You Swoon (Album)
Recording - Mixing (2019)
I had the pleasure of working on this carefully crafted album produced by Nils (Soften), recording and mixing numerous acoustic guitars, a string ensemble, and vintage-sounding drums at the Studio de la Fonderie.

Mastered by Dan Suter.
Sideburn - #Eight (Album)
Recording - Mixing (2018)
Recording and mixing a classic rock album with the legendary Sideburn was an opportunity I had once, and being a big fan of AC/DC, I can say that it was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed.

Mastered by Christoph Stickel.
Papaya Fuzz - Surf Attack Avenue (EP)
Mixing - Mastering (2017)
It may not be high-fidelity, but I still love it!
Cheyenne - (Eponym album)
Mixing (2014)
One of the first album I have mixed. Recorded by Sacha Ruffieux at the Studio de la Fonderie. 


Hybisae, Estelle Zamme, Nonante, La Cabane de Baldwin, Le Roi Angus, Future Faces, Duo Sonore, Visage Pâle, Scalpel, Leopardo, Francis Francis, Cinnay, Polar Circles, La Gustav, Huge Puppies, Dolphin Flight, Zoe Me, Pablo.


Varnish La Piscine, Sophie Hunger, Stress.
Studio de la Fonderie : the recording studio that Sacha, Baptiste and I share in Fribourg.
Louiza : partner in crime and illustrations.
Guitar Academy : quality guitar lessons in Fribourg.
Holy Guitars : fancy guitar boutique in Fribourg.
Iodl : Adrien Gaillard and I create music for your podcasts, films, commercials.